Prokopi, geographically, is the heart of the highly gifted northern part of Evia. It lies about 59 km from Chalkis and as many of the beautiful northern beaches of the island. Built on the road, which connects with the Chalkis Evia north, just past a narrow natural passage (Derveni) is required in the course of all travelers to and from North Evia, making it the ideal station for their journey. The heavenly image of nature in the area where the Prokopi can grasp and enjoy it from the top of the Candles (altitude 1,225 m), towering over the shores of the Euboean Gulf, forming a long, steep ridge between Lake and Policies.

Ideal starting point for those wishing to experience the delights of North Evia, the current Prokopi has become widely known as a spiritual and cultural treasure of the Orthodox Greeks, concentrated in the holy relics of Saint John the Russian, well-known pilgrimage destination throughout the world Orthodox Christians .

Outside the holy shrine of St. John the Russian, Prokopi has offered much more interesting to visitors. One of them even interesting to visitors. One of these is the Museum of Wooden Forest next to the school on the road Chalkis-Edipsos. It is also worth visiting the old church of St. Constantine and a wonderful journey in pykno'fyto hill extending towards the church of St. John the Russian. Starting Prokopi visitors can enjoy the unique natural beauty of the surrounding area by organizing small hiking trips in the plane Kirea fantastic and picturesque churches that adorn both the plain and the slopes of Candles. From the shops of Procopius, visitors can buy handicrafts, paintings and local products (honey, pasta, beef recipes and Euboean Cappadocian, sweets etc.)


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